So I recently worked with a customer that had removed their mediation servers without decommisioning them. This causes a problem because if the servers no longer exist within the directory, running the decommision will only return an error.

One approach would be to use adsiedit to locate the GUID of the mediation servers in the configuration containter and remove them. I think this is a fine method if you are comfortable with using adsiedit. If you are not comfortable, my recommendation is to use the OCS resource kit. You can download the OCS resource kit for here:

You will need to use the command prompt and navigate to the directory where the resource kit installed. Here are the commands you want to run:

cscript OCSTrustEntry.vbs /Action:List /Type:TrustedService

This will give you a list that you will need to navigate through to find the mediation server. What you will need is the GUID. Once you have found it, you then only need to run this next command to remove it:

cscript OCSTrustEntry.vbs /Action:Remove /Type:TrustedService /CN:<{your guid goes here}>

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